Chamber History

The initial concept of a new Christian Chamber for Middle Tennessee began in January 2007 via it’s founder, Celeste LaReau. Formed as a 501c6 in January 2008, Tennessee Christian Chamber began laying its current foundation and the first public event was held May 28th, 2008.

It since has grown to put on regular monthly luncheons and weekly leads meeting serving over 300 members in the Middle Tennessee area. 


To serve as a clearinghouse for local and national organizations, tools and information to promote biblical standards of integrity in the workplace.

To build a community of Christian professionals beyond the boundaries of geography, social status, profession, industry or denomination.

To educate our members with that which concerns them legally, spiritually and economically.

To promote member businesses and foster business relationships through networking events, programs and multimedia communications.

To grow the faith of marketplace Christians and increase their influence to reclaim people and institutions for Christ